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EAI Bareknuckle Duet

rebuilding this lively frameset as a weekend warrior w/o any hype bits, just tried & true components that any generation cyclist can recognize & appreciate. I want that old school Pleasantville class for around town chivalry during the week, along w/ a L'Eroica style velodrome MMA brawler for weekend events

aggressive & responsive geometry wrapped up in classic Dedacciai tubing straight from Italy, eliminating harshness in ride quality or fears of fatigue into a wet noodle over the years

King equivalent w/o any hype or ego

Crankset/Bottom Bracket:
square taper reliability & abuse from skids, swaps, elements

MTB clipless so I can eliminate any daily duty restraints. gotta be able to walk/ use this bike as an all day transportation

NJS// EAI unparallel smoothness// 144bcd golden roundness w/ chain digging grip// unstretchable reliability

I'm not a doctor

able to see what's down the road w/ my head up & arms/shoulders comfortable// steerer bolt clamp MUST BE smoothed into stem

Brooks for comfort that needs to be earned (broken in) & S-Works Power w/ equal comfort for snake posture capabilities when in the drops

I prefer the commitment & challenge for a more pure ride

Front Wheel/Hub/Tire:
23mm comfort & additional grip/ minimal deflection// better than Phil's smoothness w/o any of the hype as if this was jewelry// 25-28mm goal of sublime floatation wrapped up in classic cotton (or gumwall/skinwall variant) & latex tubes if not satisfied

Rear Wheel/Hub/Tire:
^ same mindset. 28 hole front & rear Sapim spokes radially laced in front, tri-cross classic for strength rear because 20/24 setups personally seem too risky for daily use & 32's are reserved for Clydesdales or NJS limitations

anything vintage class!, so long as it has some beneficial function & able to be removed so there isn't any safety concerns on track

More Info:
it's very important to me that the flow of a bikes aesthetics matches it's smoothness in mashing; that the pride in rotating that crank can be felt/matched by the feedback of a frameset & each contact point chosen in a build. it's also very important to me that we keep a bike a bike & remember that wanting to hop on for a ride determines how well we've built something, not the money spent - the rarest parts sourced - dominating over friends - 'fashion statement' thinking

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tewms says:

A lot of babble and over-explanation in the descriptions. Clearly not very confident. Where's the bike?

Posted over 5 years ago


Goathed says:

How about now?

Posted over 6 years ago


FABEL says:

lol. yeah, I should update this . . . still not even close to complete though

Posted almost 4 years ago


metatronic1123 says:

you ever going to build this?

Posted almost 7 years ago


Blokk says:

straight up prose right here

Posted over 7 years ago


Yaself says:

Unwell description #cookedcunt

Posted over 7 years ago


FABEL says:

I'd put you in your place for making such a nasty comment like that, but then I'd be brought down to your level. what you wrote doesn't even make sense, has no validity & should of @ least been written in English.

I'd suggest you go build a better bike if you're not happy in life, or find that kindness is the only way you'll ever make a friend. I will pray for you Yaself

Posted over 7 years ago


twieleba says:

NJS wheels are 36 spoke, not 32.

Posted over 7 years ago


FABEL says:

oops, error in description. of course NJS hubs are limited to 36 spoke, my mistake

Posted over 7 years ago


FABEL says:

I'm jumping to tires for whatever reason before any other bits. I suppose knowing how well (stiff, agile, compliant) this frameset rides, I need tires that will exemplify these qualities. the goal is cottonwall over skinwall or gumwall versions for subtle vintage aura. I'm attempting to stay away from the all too common Pasela's (great reliable tire!), Soma, Continental anything (most familiar with). preferring folding over wire bead for weight savings, absorption, spare carrying, & fitting. Considerations include: Grand Bois (Cerf, Extra Leger), Ruffy Tuffy, Rivendale Roly Poly, Compass Chinook Pass (all typical clincher weight heavy); preference going to S-Works Turbo Cotton, Clement Strada LGG, & Vittora Open Corsa SC. secretly, I like the aesthetics of Fyxation Sessions & checkered Roly Poly's, but looks can never be priority.
. . . in the meantime, these graphs may help others indecisive on tire choice: http://www.bicyclerollingresistance.com...

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FABEL says:


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Scrodzilla says:

Quit fucking around and wash your dishes.

Posted over 7 years ago