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Ghetto Superstar Fuji Feather

My Kilo got stolen and I spent summer 2012 riding a loaner, depressed. I wanted one of the murdered-out 2012 Feathers but I found this 2011 on the interwebs and now it sleeps real close to my bed. I'm an actor so I don't have dat money money but I try to give her as much love as I can, piece by piece. I'm pretty proud of this little tarck superstar.

2011 Fuji Feather, 56 cm

Lugz! Threaded 1"

Shadow Conspiracy Ravager BMX pedals, sexy ass Brooklyn artsy Holdfasts

46-16 fixed gear

nah, i'm cool

B123's, 36cm

Noname black setback, Ta.bo (Soma Turbo knockoff)

one stock Promax inna front, just a diamond inna back

Front Wheel/Hub/Tire:
stock wheel (not for long), Panaracer 700x25

Rear Wheel/Hub/Tire:
stock wheel (not for long), Vittoria Radonneur 700x25

Punchdrunk Ace of Clubs, Jesus card from Grandma's funeral, blue bandanna titty protector

Bike History

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  1. stocksies
  2. gettin' there....
  3. risers.
  4. tarck as hell

Current Stage Info:

lookin' real tarck

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LeeBolton says:

Looks great love the clean look !!!!

Posted over 10 years ago