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Mid 80's (1985 approx) one off Bike built by Brent Trimble for a local road/track rider. The bike is able to be used as a road TT bike (Rear derailleur only, single front chainring) Or as a track bike. The front hub is extremely narrow, and doesn't have a skewer, it has small bolts that go through round dropouts, and bolt directly to the hub. It is also a 24" front wheel. The frame is a very early carbon effort of Brent's, and was made a couple of years before he started working for kestrel, designing and producing their bikes. Will be put together initially as a track bike. The seat tube was built to take a Shimano Dura Ace aero post. As they are rare (and very costly) a custom post has been made

Carbon fibre composite

Carbon fibre/no headset. Fork is bolted through frame, with plastic bushings top and bottom.

Handlebars and stem Integrated with forks. A design that is quite some away ahead of its time.

Custom seat pillar

Front Wheel/Hub/Tire:
Custom narrow hub, 24" rim

Rear Wheel/Hub/Tire:
Hed disc wheel, narrowed hub (Max 5 speed only/or track cog

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TWB-Third-World-Biker says:

Hi, thanks for posting this wonderful piece of bicycle innovation history. I was wondering if the entire bike is made out of carbon fiber or are there any parts made out of alloy? Thanks

Posted over 4 years ago


kill_choi says:

Where/how do you get a custom seatpost made? Any close ups of how the front wheel bolts in?

Posted over 7 years ago


Forzabikes says:

Local bike builder/carbon fibre specialist (Graeme Pearson)made the post. He was building bikes back when Brent Trimble made this one too (and still is making them now)..check out my posts here on PEARSON's, to see his work. Will post some pics of front wheel when I can take them tomorrow

Posted over 7 years ago


kill_choi says:

Nice! I've seen some funny bike frames local to me that still need that Shimano AX seatpost to top things off.

Posted over 7 years ago