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Location: Stockton, CA
4 bikes


First rode fixed when I was 13 on a cheap fixed gear my dad built up, but he sold it when I was 15, so I just went back to my mountain bike. Bought my Bianchi in 2007 with the intent of riding a century, but didn't have time to train enough with school and sports. Towards the end of high school, I wanted to get back into riding fixed, but didn't have the money. By halfway through my first year of college, I had acquired my grandpa's old road bike and converted it to a fixed gear. In August '11 I decided to get a real fixed gear so I bought the Pake frameset, finished it in February '12 and I've been riding that ever since. Now, I've got an itch for an aluminum frame and I have my eyes set on a Dodici Gara.

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