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19 Torpedo Werke Rixe folding bike

Once was bought at Brinkmann, later moved to Dithmarschen were it stood in a store window, then got to Hamburg where the rare seatpost, saddle and super rare lever where stolen. Only bought it, because a friend made a bargain on a near similar one and I was suprised by the quality of it. It seems that the Torpedo Werke was the best and luxuriest folding bike you could buy in those days, costing 230DM. It got super heavy full levers, clamp and stem. (sadly I didn't weight the frame). The frame is connect with a inner shaft, only seen this on "Torpedo Werke" Rixe's yet (the other ones fold and some got a deeper tube, going directly to the bottom bracket, like my Elite Rixe). Everything is nicely chromed and the mudgards, spokes and double-walled rims are made from stainless steel.

Rixe Torpedo Werke (44 C-T)

Crankset/Bottom Bracket:
170mm / Cottered Thompson

Uion with glas reflectors

Sibeck SS-Chain


Altenburger Synchron / Altenburger lever

Front Wheel/Hub/Tire:
Weinmann Inox, 36H / Union / Schwalbe Crazy Bob 54-406

Rear Wheel/Hub/Tire:
Weinmann Inox, 36H / Fichtel und Sachs Torpedo Duomatic (D102) / Schwalbe Crazy Bob 54-406

- UNION dynamo, - 3x UNION headlamp (1x 5830) - ULO taillight - ESGE kickstand - SCH√úRMANN stainless steel mudgards - Onward electric horn - Rixe bell - VDO tachometer

More Info:
weight arround 25kg, engine has about 6hp, good for 60kp/h

Bike History

Click a link below to see past stages of this bike.

  1. How I bought it
  2. restored
  3. strapped a 80ccm engine to it :D

Current Stage Info:

only rode it a few times when the sun was out. It's very stable, beautiful and shiny, but very heavy.

Saw this china-engine-kit and was crazy enough to mount it to the bike. Was a lot of work, because the kit is definetly not made for 20" bikes.
Also attached a tachometer, a mirror, an electric horn, double headlamps along with the headlamp at the front rack (from my R20) and some heavier tires. Also bought a Rixe bell.
Only rode it on two days a few times up and down my street (it's not legal here in Germany to ride such homemade-build)

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thisisdish says:

love to see your passion about vintage folding bike! great collection you got there

Posted about 8 years ago


Klappschredder says:

Thanks man :)
Need to put in my Raleigh Twenty Stowaway :) aaand our trailer made from two frames, we'll be working on him further this day!

Posted about 8 years ago


thisisdish says:

wow woww! i'd love to see it coming :)

Posted about 8 years ago