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21 Cicli Mondial 600 Arabesque [sold]

Build in exactly one month from mid-may to june 2016. My classic-road-bike from the very early '80s. Evertything took apart, cleaned, freshly greased and adjusted. Rims polished till mirror finish, hubs and chrome parts by hand. Total weight 9871,2g (without pedals and bottlecages: 9308,8g). Had a great time in Tuscany (september) and rode it over 700Kms in total. Sticker on the downtube: ROHR Wuppertal Sonnborn I'm always surprised how fast and quick this bike responses. Actually it rides close to my much lighter Look!

Cicli Mondial (by Biemmezeta), drilled dropouts, chromed from the back to the mid of the head and downtube. BMZ Telaio Speciale

Biemmezeta, BMZ and star panthographs, drilled dropouts / Shimano 600EX Arabesque HP-6200

Crankset/Bottom Bracket:
Shimano 600EX Arabesque FC-6200/6-3/4" (170mm) / Shimano 600EX Arabesque BB-6200

Kyokuto Pro Vic II, Lapize cages and straps

7s / 13-26 Shimano Uniglide / 52/42T / Shimano CN-HG71

Shimano 600EX Arabesque RD-6200 (shortcage), Shimano 600EX Arabesque FD-6200 / Shimano 600EX Arabesque SL-6210 (braze on)

3ttt Mod Competitione (Merckx) / 3ttt Criterium

Selle San Marco Rolls / SR Laprade 26.8mm

Shimano 600EX Arabesque BR-6210 (short reach) / Shimano 600EX Arabesque BL-6200 with white DiaCompe hoods

Front Wheel/Hub/Tire:
Araya, with 36 2.0-1.8mm spokes, Shimano 600EX Arabesque (HB-6200?) / Veloflex Roubaix (25mm) (NEW)

Rear Wheel/Hub/Tire:
Araya, with 36 2.0-1.8mm spokes, Shimano 600EX Arabesque FH-6261 / Veloflex Roubaix (25mm) (NEW)

- Shimano 600EX Arabesque skewers - Campagnolo seatpostscrew - Shimano SLR/SIS cables - white cork handlebartape (NEW) - Shimano 600EX sticker (NOS) - Strap plugs

More Info:
Weight frame+fork: 2215g+728,2g

Bike History

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  1. June 2016
  2. May 2017

Current Stage Info:

After the frame just stood in my room I decided that the Barellia isn't matching the Arabesque groupset and rebuild the Mondial - what a beautiful bike!

A few small changes: the brakes are now short reach ones (with the pull at the right site), the saddle is now a Rolls, swapped for white hoods and mounted some wider and better tires. I also applied a matching groupset sticker between the shifters

PS: Changed the 6s cogs to a 7s NOS one in tuscany last summer and applied some strap plugs (NOS)

Total weight: 10013,2g (without pedals and bottlecages: 9450,3g)

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cursa_lunga says:

i have some good news. i have the same frame

Posted almost 7 years ago


Klappschredder says:

may you add it?!

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five_dc says:

Mega feines Teil!

Posted over 7 years ago