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35 Olmo Donna Dura Ace 6s [SOLD]

Just bought this little nice bike for the parts. It was a bargain I picked up with a very good friend near Bremen. The women I got it from used to ride a lot of Km's in the summer (3x60Kms a week) and did lot of long trips in the alps and pyrenees. It's a little sad that she stopped riding her little dreambike and that I ripped it apart :/ Just cleaned it and removed the clear coat from the chrome fork, to make it shiny again! The decals are similar to the 'San Remo' models I found (strada and pista pursuit)

Olmo Donna (49 C-T x 50 C-C), Oria TC 0.8


More Info:
Frame without anything weights: 2031,6g, the fork 772,7g

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to be sold

Added by Klappschredder. Last updated almost 7 years ago.

As of about 7 years ago, Klappschredder has indicated that they no longer own this bike.

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