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2 x 1983 Raleigh Record Ace 12

I now have quite a collection of these, the best of which has only ever covered approx 300 miles, I will add pics soon, the pair in the pics have been through some changes, the 23.5 inch model shown is now slightly updated, with Tektro dual pivot brakes, modern traffic and my weight being quite a bit more than when these bikes were new, left the old Weinmanns feeling a little inadequate, the wheels have been changes to 700c, to give a better tyre choice, Schwalbe Marathons have been fitted, giving a good fast and reliable ride with first class puncture proofing, and the honey coloured Brooks Swift saddle for greater comfort (when its broken in) . It was tough decision to come away from such original spec, however the original parts are still in a box, it rides better than new, and I think it looks dare I say it... better than new? The 22.5 has been stripped for cleaning and assembly for my son, I am debating what changes I can make to keep a novice cyclist comfortable and confident with it. I have a pretty trashed model in for respray that I will build as a fixed, I will try and get pics of the full collection of these beautiful machines soon

Reynolds 531

Reynolds 531

Crankset/Bottom Bracket:
Alloy cotterless

Alloy quill with Christophe toe clips and straps

42/52 chainrings with 6 speed 14/28 freewheel

Campagnolo Gran Sport

SR Raleigh alloy

Brown suede covered saddle and SR fluted seatpost

Weinmann 605 with quick release side pull

Front Wheel/Hub/Tire:
Normandy red label, Raleigh Superlite 27 x 1 1/4 tyres on Weinmann rim

Rear Wheel/Hub/Tire:
Normandy red label, Raleigh Superlite 27 x 1 1/4 tyres on Weinmann rim

Esge gold muguards

More Info:
Both of these are now sold, however I still retain one in my collection, which has only covered approx 300 miles from new an now 30 years old, it still has that shop fresh look

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owenram says:

I Have this record ace and recently crashed when the handlebar snapped at the stem. Ive been riding it quite heavily since i got it maybe 8 years ago. Its not got that much original on it now so i was wondering do you have any spare parts for them or could you recommend a place or places i could start rebuilding the old spec perhaps?

Posted over 11 years ago


alanf1968 says:

I have a few parts, also have recently built an Raleigh Ilketston Team frame, so now have too many very nice bikes, I have a 21 inch and a 23 inch Raleigh Record Ace in very near original specs for sale if your interested, I had a Raleigh Gran Sport frame re-spratyed as a Raleigh Record Ace, mudguard eyes and lever braze ons added, its running with modern equipment and an absolute dream to ride, I am just going to keep my best Record Ace a 23 inch which has only done about 300 miles from new and kept indoors from new!

Posted over 11 years ago


alanf1968 says:

These 2 are original un-restored examples, I have another in for re-spray that has a few non-original parts and also having another frame modified and painted in the same colours which will get a modern road build with a set of gold Roval Fusee E5 wheels and Rolls saddle, will post pics of them all when they are ready

Posted almost 13 years ago


Nimhskater978 says:

WOW as a collector I love seeing bikes like these and 2 in the same color,same condition very nice pair of bikes

Posted almost 13 years ago