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Raleigh Record Ace 12 (1984)

I originally bought this tatty example to ride to ruin, but it is now having a full professional re-spray back to original (although only the earlier transfers are available as on my 1983 Raleigh Record Aces) I am planning to rebuild this as a traditional fixed wheel clubman type machine, similar to those ridden in the 50s and 60s, I will post more pics when it is finnished

Reynolds 531

Reynolds 531

Crankset/Bottom Bracket:
SR Custom to be replaced with Sturmey Archer single ring alloy cotterless

Alloy quill

12 speed to be replaced by single speed

Campagnolo Gran Sport to be removed for single speed

SR Raleigh alloy

SR alloy

Weinmann 605

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alanf1968 says:

Yes I ran into a couple of problems, transfers are copies of the previous years as model and the 7 speed block would not run in the frame so finally built as 12 speed indexed, it has sat un ridden in my sons bedroom waiting for him to grow a bit since building a year ago now

Posted over 10 years ago


sloman says:

Ha ha,I ran into the same prob with my Romani resto-lack of proper transfers,so it lingers in the land of patina. I'm going to attempt making them myself someday. Meanwhile,everything works and it's great fun. Indexted shifting-does that mean no more downtube shifters?

Posted over 11 years ago


alanf1968 says:

The fixed plan changed whilst I was awaiting the return from re-spray, my 12 year old son now shares my passion for the Raleigh Record Ace, he is now learning to ride my 22.5 inch, whilst this is now being built as a 14 speed indexed and looking good, more pics to follow....

Posted over 11 years ago