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GOrilla Capital Storytime

Very nice handmade steel frame made from Wim Kolb at Kolbrahmenbau in Zurich. What a pitty that he doesn't get credit and a fair share from greedy GOrilla Urban Cycling owner Nino.

Gorilla Urban Cycling Capital

Cheap Italian

Crankset/Bottom Bracket:
Miche Aero / Sugino


Shimano Dura -Ace


Sapecialized Power

Front Wheel/Hub/Tire:
Schmolke TLO45

Rear Wheel/Hub/Tire:
Schmolke TLO45

Chris King Ti Bottlecage

More Info:
I had planed to ride for GOrilla in 2018 but decided not to after experiencing how manipulative Nino the businessman can be. After getting me in contact with the frame builder for PR and photos, I ended up brazing the whole Frame in 40+ hours during my own free time. Otherwise the frame wouldn't be finished for the season as no one else was willing to put in the work for free. The frame got nicely painted by a startup. For free! Surprise... Now for sure you slowly understand how this game works. After letting him know my decision to not ride for him he seriously wanted to charge me CHF 2'400 for the frame building experience otherwise he'll keep my parts until he gets the money. After over three month of mails and serious letters from the police and lawyers he agreed to give me back my own parts under two conditions: 1. I can pick up the parts in another shop not his. 2. I must show a bill with partNr. to proof that I'm the real owner. WTF? Have you ever seen a stem, seat post, saddle, handlebar etc with a partNr. on it and on the bill? So I ''only'' got my wheelset, cranks and headset back. Credits to Wim for building nice frames in Zurich! www.kolb-rahmenbau.ch

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