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Gorilla Hattara

Cheap asian frame painted and finished in Italy sold in Zurich for a premium handmade price.

GOrilla Hattara

GOrilla Hattara

Front Wheel/Hub/Tire:
FSA Vision Metron 55

Rear Wheel/Hub/Tire:
FSA Vision Metron 55

More Info:
Unlike the Capital this is a cheap asian/italian frame that is painted cheaply and won't last long. It's heavy, not stiff enough, bottombracket is to low and the steer tube tolerances are scary to say the least. I know Gorilla owners that got their bubbly frame repainted by Gorilla 2times and you get what you pay for. Some frames even broke because GOrilla put the frame in acid instead of sandblasting it. The acid goes inside the frame too and if not rinsed well it will continue corroding till your frame breaks. One GOrilla owner will now pay CHF500 himself to get his frame powder coated from a serious painter. The Columbus steel quality decal is on the seat tube like on most frames but on this frame only the seat tube is from Columbus. The rest of the frame are cheap unbranded tubes.

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