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Leader 722TS Steel Pista (2nd)

At the time this was my dream bike, it got STOLEN. By Twin Peaks.. Quite a depressing event, never stopped me from continuing my passion of cycling~ No pictures, just documenting the bike. Never thought it was picture worthy at the time, never got to complete the build.. In the picture, are the two idiots who stole my bike. Failing to provide enough evidence to prove it's mine. My case was dropped immediately.

Leader 722TS Steel Pista 53cm

Leader S805 Carbon Fork // Generic Leader Head Set?

Crankset/Bottom Bracket:
Sugino RD2 Crank Set // Sugino Messenger 103mm Bottom Bracket

MKS Slyvan Pedals // All City Double Straps // All City Cages

Charge Masher Half Link Chain // Sugino Messenger 44t Chain Ring // Stock 16t Cog


Nitto B123AA // White Cinelli Grips OR Nitto RB-021 // White Cinelli Grips // Thomson 70mm 25.4 Stem

Bianchi Saddle // Stock Seatpost


Front Wheel/Hub/Tire:
Velocity Deep V (3x) // Origin 8 Hub // Forgot Tire

Rear Wheel/Hub/Tire:
Velocity Deep V (3x) // Origin 8 Hub // Forgot Tire

More Info:
Bought complete, disregarding fork & bar upgrades, for $540. Fell and bent those RB-021 in San Jose. Didn't know the road, first time in SJ!

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As of over 11 years ago, BetahProd has indicated that they no longer own this bike.



PocosPeroLocos says:

Dam if i knew who stole anything from me i would make there life hell lol.

Posted over 11 years ago



death to bike thieves!

Posted over 11 years ago


DoctorLarch says:

Man that sucks! you should try and get it back somehow you now get revenge

Posted over 11 years ago


RawDenim says:

Wait so, how'd it get stolen? And how'd you obtain that picture?

Posted over 11 years ago


BetahProd says:

The thieves were students from my school. I don't know them but my bike was stolen at school.. My friend caught them at the bus station and recognized my bike. He tried to take a photo but failed to do so since he was afraid of getting caught doing so. It was stolen because I was double locking it with another bike and only a wire held it to the pole.. I now run 4 locks at school!

Posted over 11 years ago