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My Rusty Rat's Drilled Daily Singlespeed

Ok, so I must tell you guys I'm living in Brussels, Belgium. And I work in Ghent, 60km above, in the region Flanders. I'm commuting everyday to go to Brussels' station, from where I take a train to Ghent. My office is 3km away from the train station so I needed a bike that could sleep every evening at the station and I was sure I'd find back the morning after when I wanted to go to the office. It was impossible for me to leave one my dear collectible (Merckx, Rossin, Faggin,...) babies spend a night alone and so far from me. But at the same time, I was physically unable to put my ass on one of those squeaking and cracking dutch bicycles everyone here uses, being sure they won't have it stolen. So when I stumbled upon this little buddy, in the trash, I decided to adopt him and give him a second life, as a Singlespeed daily anti-thefth bicycle. The bike had apparently been owned by a weight weenie cyclotourist, as it was drilled everywhere (even the dropouts, the handlebars and the brakes !). I thought it was a good way to make the bike unique and reduce the risk of having it stolen : I thus drilled more holes in the head tube and painted the fork's steerer in red. Then, I unpainted the rest of the frame, let it rust, polished the beautiful Prugnat lugs, coated it, rebuilt it re-using as much original parts as possible, filling the gaps with other parts I had in stock, new or used, and there we go ! It's not the most performant ride but it looks good and does the job : 6km everyday, on a flat cycling path. :) And most important : I'm not scared that anyone steals or damages it !

Unknown belgian handmade steel frame with Campagnolo dropouts (probably 70's)

Shimano SLX

Crankset/Bottom Bracket:
SR Apex

SR Custom


Ideale 42

CLB calipers and Weinmann levers

Front Wheel/Hub/Tire:
Mavic MA2 on Campagnolo hub

Rear Wheel/Hub/Tire:
Mavic MA2 on Campagnolo hub, Maillard cassette

Dura Ace cable clamps

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Vanestelfeen says:

good you saved this frame from trash and bring it back on the roads. The frame definitely deserves a resurrection.

Posted over 4 years ago


LeeBolton says:

I really love the bike would you possibly sell the frame set with crank I would really love to have this in my collection great drilled frame


Posted over 10 years ago


Kurzawa says:

This is a really cool bike. Nice frame and campy components! Hope no one seals it!

Posted about 11 years ago


m_sobie says:

A bike with character and purpose. Love it!

Posted about 11 years ago