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My ALAN (Fangio) Competizione

I found this little guy two days ago. His first and only owner, now aged 74, couldn't keep it, as he sold his house to buy a smaller appartment. He bought this bike to a local shop of the region of Charleroi (Belgium) in 1980 for a price of 37.000 belgian franks (+/- 1200USD) and rode only a few thousand kilometers with it : Two cyclotourist Paris-Roubaix, a few other rides with his bicycle club on sundays and that's all. This bike was a present he made to himself and he always treated as such until the day he was too old to ride it. Since then, he stored it carefully in his basement until today. This ALAN Competizione is equipped with a full group Campagnolo Gran Sport (except the rear deraileur) and every piece of it is original. The only thing I'll have to do on it is unbuild it, clean it and rebuild it. After this, it will be brand new. Even the lugs are still perfectly in place, not cracking, and the glue seems in good condition. The pictures I'm posting have been taken just a few hours after I brought it back home. I'll post new photos once the rebuild has been done.

ALAN Competizione (screwed-glued aluminium tubing)

ALAN Competitionze

Crankset/Bottom Bracket:
Campagnolo 0304 (Nuovo) Gran Sport

Galli Road (equiv. Campagnolo 3700 Gran Sport)

Front derailleur : Campagnolo 3600 Gran Sport Rear derailleur : Simplex SX630 Bernard Hinault

3TTT Competizione on 3TTT Record.

Cinelli Unicanitor on Campagnolo 3800 Gran Sport

Campagnolo (Nuovo) Gran Sport

Front Wheel/Hub/Tire:
Mavic MA40 on Campagnolo Nuovo Tipo hub

Rear Wheel/Hub/Tire:
Mavic G40 on Campagnolo Nuovo Tipo

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Fusk says:

One my best of ever on Pedal Room.

Posted about 7 years ago


bonzoxedge says:

Nice bicycle! Fangio is a bicycle shop in Aartrijke, West-Flanders. They branded a lot of bicycles with their decals (for example I have a Flandria frame with Fangio decals).

Posted over 10 years ago


strange says:

a beauty! wow.

Posted about 11 years ago


strange says:

by the way: alan built a lot of stuff for colnago.

Posted about 11 years ago


sebpep says:

Didn't know this. I knew they forked with 3TTT but not with Colnago.

Anyway, thanks for the compliment. It will be yet better after a good cleaning.

Posted about 11 years ago