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RuFa Sport pista #2

Master Rudolf Fass founded a bicycling shop in 1924 in Cologne. In the 20ties and 30ties track cycling was a very big thing in Cologne. Some world champions of this time came from Cologne and its neighbourhood. When they have been kids some of them used to work at the Cologne cycling shops after school such as in Master Köthke's shop. Later they started a cycling career. In the 50ties and 60ties Master Fass was one of the most admired frame builders for race bikes in Germany. His frames were known for their great finish and stability. They were first choice. At the beginning of the 60ties it was almost impossible for a German to get a better made track bike than the ones made by Master Fauss. Even the world champion Rudi Altig is said to have used Ru-Fa bikes during his active career (last photo). Master Fass also built frames for teams of other bicycle companies such as Hercules. He was working in his shop until the beginning of the eighties. In the mid-eighties his family sold the shop which still exists today. The frame has a low 4-digit number stamped on the BB and the fork pipe which leads me to the assumption that it was made between 1960 and 1965.



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