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1972 Motobecane Nomade

Added by TomA. Last updated about 8 years ago.



raleighgranprix says:

Nice, it looks like it is semi-lugged, only on the head tube. I will have to compare. I have a green Nomade in the attic, gold lettering on green; will have to see if it is the same.

Posted about 8 years ago


TomA says:

Thanks, this is a sweet bike. I lucked into it when the owner died and his family was cleaning out his attic. He had hardly ridden it (that happens a lot) and it's all original, even the tires, except for the seat and bar tape that needed replacing.
You're correct, lugs only on the head, uncommon for the time. The metallic emerald green paint really stands out. I'll post a close up of the wing nuts. They're not the best or safest fasteners but they look so cool.

Posted about 8 years ago