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1997 Tiemeyer GT Superbike-3

We had a good run. Now residing in LA ️

57cm Dave Tiemeyer built GT SB-3

GT USCT Reynolds steel (and original Edge Carbon) / Dura-Ace 7410 (original)

Crankset/Bottom Bracket:
Dura-Ace 7600 NJS (USCT engrved original) / Hope UK 109mm Ti Spindle (and original Dura Ace 7610)

Dura-Ace 7400 / Specialized straps

Dura-Ace NJS 50t / Suntour NJS 17t / Super Toughness

Mavic 355 TT / Dura-Ace 7400

US Cycling San Marco Rolls saddle

Front Wheel/Hub/Tire:
Specialized Trispoke

Rear Wheel/Hub/Tire:
Specialized Trispoke

Kashimax Five-Gold top tube protector

More Info:
Built by Dave Tiemeyer in 1997 for the US Cycling Team and ridden by Christian Vande Velde to "some world cups" and "a few national titles on that bad boy". "The photos show a track bike that proves to be authentic from that era with wider section tubes, no longer UCI legal, and the distinctive "fractal" paint job. The serial number indicates that it was the 68th frame built for USA Cycling in 1997. As previously noted, I was busy!... The SB-1 aluminum superbikes from the 1995-1996 winter season had yet another deeper airfoil with a distinctive wheel fairing that extended lower than the bottom bracket. The SB-2 were the carbon superbikes from the 1996 Atlanta Olympics. Still, what you have was known to us as the SB-3 superbike and was an attempt at making an economical, practical, but super fast racing bike. I believe it met our goals at a time when GT Bicycles was in the process of being sold off to Schwinn... I will admit that seatpost system was less than robust and very difficult to adjust. Many people have come to me asking for spare seatpost parts, so it is good to see that yours is intact... It is always gratifying to learn that my "babies" have a life of their own after they leave the shop." - Dave Tiemeyer

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As of about 1 year ago, dietrootbeer has indicated that they no longer own this bike.

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Jehu says:

F to one of the pedalroom goats

Posted about 1 year ago


Bubba says:

Who bought this in LA?

Posted about 1 year ago


rak500 says:

Holy S*** Mate! A Timeyer and a Quantum in your stable! niiiice! Lovely Bikes!

Posted over 1 year ago


BonL says:

My dream <3

Posted over 2 years ago


Jehu says:

Oh shit the fork is killer!

Posted over 3 years ago


dietrootbeer says:

agreed! I really like the look of the steel w the wide frame sections and the paint brings it all together, I think

Posted over 3 years ago


Karl says:

This is still fucking awesome!

Posted over 3 years ago


ghostridethewhip says:


Posted over 3 years ago


dietrootbeer says:

thank you! I like the little changes but wouldn't dare get rid of the original parts

Posted over 3 years ago


RSchwentke says:


Posted almost 4 years ago


maxtbicycle says:

This is a stunning looking GT bike you have there especially the paint. I have the love for this bike too. I hope to update my latest addition soon. Enjoy and peace!

Posted over 4 years ago


BRKLSS says:

You got so many awesome bikes and this one here is my fav!

Posted over 4 years ago


metatronic1123 says:

this bike makes me smile

Posted about 5 years ago


strange says:


Posted about 5 years ago


Cosmic says:

very nice

Posted about 5 years ago


JAYRETRO510 says:

For sale?!

Posted about 5 years ago


dietrootbeer says:

Not particulary... but as they say; everyone has their price. Always open to ideas. PM if you have a price in mind.

Posted about 5 years ago


ronisolomondds says:

Damn, and I thought I had some pretty fly whips for living in WNY. This is a great one!

Posted about 5 years ago


dietrootbeer says:

Thanks man! Loving your Tommasini, Georama and Don Walker. If you're ever in Buffalo let me know and we get some miles in.

Posted about 5 years ago


sonomike says:

Outrageous, holy grail bike.

Posted over 5 years ago

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