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Fiend Ty Morrow v1

Fiend Ty Morrow 20.75 tt

S&M Pitchfork / Odyssey

Crankset/Bottom Bracket:
Profile / Primo

Premium sealed plastic

Fly 25t

Cult / DK topload

Deluxe combo

Fly Bikes (or none at the moment)

Front Wheel/Hub/Tire:
Kink to Odyssey / Fly Ruben tire

Rear Wheel/Hub/Tire:
Kink to Demolition / Fly Ruben Tire

More Info:
Decided it was time for an update (not necessarily an upgrade). Love my Trailboss, just wanted something lighter and with more modern geometry. I also wanted to see how a shorter tt felt. Been riding a 21" tt for years so we'll see. Got this NOS v1 for $150 so couldn't pass it up. Feels good to be back on a little bike again.

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moose says:


Posted over 7 years ago


HarvestCyclery says:

Come to the city and ride little bikes with us in the Spring!

Posted over 8 years ago


dietrootbeer says:

might have to take you up on this with the new bmx and all

Posted over 7 years ago


StevenPreusser says:

Looks good! Did you have to set up the gyro system yourself? Is it difficult? Building mine and will be throwing one on there and wasn't sure.

Posted over 9 years ago


dietrootbeer says:

Yah setting up the Odyssey was a huge pain in the ass; cutting the cables to length, getting the cable lengths right, adjusting it to get no gyro flop. I took my brakes off last year and rode street and park most of the summer so havent had to worry about. Hopefully more trails next year and will probably just put a straight cable on.

Posted over 9 years ago


snacks says:

that film barspin photo is sick

Posted almost 10 years ago


dietrootbeer says:

thank you! its probably from about 2002 and im still shocked I could even get that beast of a bike off the ground haha

Posted over 7 years ago


Paristicker says:

so sick!!

Posted over 10 years ago


flossaraptor says:

This is clean. It dosen't get much more classic than a Trailboss with a Pitchfork/Slambar combo. I used to race with that combo on a Schwinn Blue falcon. Nice riding pics.

Posted about 11 years ago