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Dave Winterhalter's Lotus Legend

My friend and training partner Dave has entrusted me with the proper care and exercise of his most valued possessions during his eternal rest. DMW 1955 - 2015

Super Champion #2 62 CM

Super Champion / Shimano 600

Crankset/Bottom Bracket:
Shimano 600 / Shimano 600 1.37 x 24

Regina 5 speed 14 x 24 / Shimano 600 42 x 52 / Sedis

Shimano 600 / Shimano 600

Nitto / SR

San Marco / SR

Modolo Race

Front Wheel/Hub/Tire:
Ukai / Sunshine Pro-Am / Continental

Rear Wheel/Hub/Tire:
Ukai / Sunshine Pro-Am / Continental

"Step Down" lowered handlebar bottle mounts

More Info:
Dave and I (unknowingly to me) were bidding against each other for this Lotus on Ebay. Maybe I shouldn't have sent him the listing . DUH He won it , I lost it to him for $1.00. 2 weeks later he shows up for our Saturday ride sitting atop "My Lost Lotus" wearing a devil's smile. My good buddy gloated all day offering to buy me coffee and pastries at our destination even though it was my week to buy. " Just trying to soothe your terrible loss my friend," he said. I really tried to drop him on the 30 miles back to my place. Got him on the last climb. Looking back... I think he let me have it.I miss him daily !

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