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Panasonic DX-4000

This frameset was hanging in a nearby collegetown bikeshop on the verge of going out of business.The owner had Tons of old stock from the 80's that he couldn't move and I felt compelled to help him out.

Super Champion #2


Crankset/Bottom Bracket:
Sugino Mighty / Sugino


6 speed / 13x24 / 42x53

600 / NR / 600

Icon / Modolo

Richey Logic / SR

Modolo blue anodized

Front Wheel/Hub/Tire:
Campagnolo NR / Galli / Michelin

Rear Wheel/Hub/Tire:
Campagnolo NR / Galli / Michelin

Added by Velogarden. Last updated almost 8 years ago.



grangeyard says:


Posted over 4 years ago


dgarson says:

Mr Velogarden - I happened on this site while researching the restoration of my panasonic dx 4000 that is nearly exact as the one you redid. I also will need to remove paint over the chrome as the area is pretty scratched. How did you know when/where the chrome stopped? Also, how did you remove the paint over the chrome?

Posted almost 5 years ago


Velogarden says:

I had chipped paint 6 inches on the chainstay and at 7 inches on the seatstay.Close examination of these areas indicated a flawless chrome plating beneath. I then taped a protective terminus so that I could use Strip Ease paint remover on the paint I wanted to remove.The taped line saw careful application of the slimy remover so as not to effect the remaining paint. I used paper masking tape because vinyl or plastic tapes will be effected by the remover liquid's chemical action. Scrape off the paint and reapply if needed. Neutralize with soap and water when finished. Polish out imperfections with Simichrome , particularly around the taped line where the paint continues.I then painted a blue line at that junction between paint and newly exposed chrome.

Posted almost 5 years ago


Rdnt says:

here here i second that. a couple of shops here in chicago have closed too... that's why I'm glad to be lazy and a procrastinator, cause it keeps my favorite LBS in business... at least i beleive that... anyway this is an awesome find. panisonic frames alone are expensive to find good ones ...glad you got one of them.

Posted almost 8 years ago


Rdnt says:

now be kinnd and pay it forward by giving me that stem...please?

Posted almost 8 years ago


sloman says:

Sad to hearof another LBS failing but at least you got this before some hipster fixie pixie. well done ride sir,enjoy.

Posted almost 8 years ago


PBVM says:

Has to be one of the best looking 1987 DX-4000 builds I've ever seen. Beautiful.

Posted about 8 years ago


Velogarden says:

Thank You! Risking severe disappointment exposing the rear stay chrome paid off quite well I think.

Posted about 8 years ago


_eric_ says:

Love this!

Posted over 8 years ago