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Hans Lutz Sprinter

This is nothing less than a formerly world championship race bike. This piece of the art was made by Hans Lutz, a formerly Olympic and Western German champion who built very well made frames after his active career. This bike was made in the beginning of the eighties for G. Schumacher who won the Western German championship in omnium pista in 1981. He raced this bike 1985 at the UCI Track Cycling World Championships in Bassano at the 1000m time trial. He did not win, but nonetheless he aimed for victory. In the eighties, the times changed. It was impossible to win a sporting competition anymore, without a scientifically structured approach in both: preparation of the athlete, like training plan and alimentation, and developing of the equipment for that only purpose. Considering the tremendous amount of research went into the construction process of this bike like wind channel testing I think it is better called ambition or quest rather than bicycle. The driving force behind it was not to build a bike but to win a world championship. Hence everything you find on this bike was pushed to the extremes. Needless to mention it is equipped with the best parts available at that time. But off course most interesting is this frame. Everything is optimised. You'll never get tired looking at its thoroughgoing time trial geometry. The tubes are ovalised Columbus SLX. Even the lugs are cut with grinded edges in order to reduce drag and save weight. The work was done in a way that brings tears of veneration to your eyes. This is minimalized perfection. This is pure craftsmanship. This is an arrow, once released it just flies forward. This bike is what a cycling enthusiast is dreaming of. I was very lucky to get this bike from the second owner who was an active cyclist as well. He chromed the back and painted the frame because the original race painting was nothing more than a hint of colour. As the bike is in superb condition I will only have to provide cavity preservation and repair some minor paint chips in order to maintain this fury beauty. To honour its builder and history I am currently considering putting the Hans Lutz logo at the head and an unobtrusive note in the shape of the German colours of black-red-gold at a little spot on the top tube.

Hans Lutz Columbus SLX

24" fork / Campagnolo pista

Crankset/Bottom Bracket:
Campagnolo pista

Front Wheel/Hub/Tire:

Rear Wheel/Hub/Tire:

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HiNrg says:

schöne Räder + Geschichten :)

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Nice writing! Thanks

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SOOOOOO good!!

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Thor says:

I am still looking for a proper front wheel. I got a 28h Textima-rim left. May be I build something up with a high flange hub. Though a disc would be better.

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