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2002 Cannondale R2000si CAAD5

got a great deal on this on the 'list .. put a new spindle and some other components on - barely needed a tune up and all the gears actually work perfect every time. solid. the guy i bought it off had a layback thomson post on it - backwards ,with no washers.

52cm Caad5

Time Slice Prodigy carbon fork , campagnolo headset

Crankset/Bottom Bracket:
shimano BB , ultegra cranks ( 170 )

shimano clipless pedals

put a new shaminao 12-23 spindle on , the front is the original 52 and 30-something rings. new shimano 9 spd chain ( the old one was totally stretched to crap )

ultegra brifters all of it

Dimension flat drop bars ( 42 ) , 3T Arx stem ( 110 mm )

generic black seatpost , Fabric 'scoop' saddle

ultegra all dat

Front Wheel/Hub/Tire:
campagnolo proton wheel , panasonic RibMo 25 tire

Rear Wheel/Hub/Tire:
campagnolo proton wheel , Hutchinson kevlar 23 tire

More Info:
bought this thinking it would be nice to have gears and brakes to ride into the mountains - turns out I still hate all the clunky ugly shit that comes with gears and brakes - I put some fresh bar tape on to woo the muggles and sold it two days after posting it ;)

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