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Rocky Mountain Turbo

during a search for a small columbus steel road frame I came across this bike in the ' ads near you ' section on vancouver craigslist. kept it for a little but but it was just too damn small so I should it to a friend for his lady to ride. oh and it was serial # 001.

1989 51cm Rocky Mountain Turbo Team Only , Columbus SLX tubing , Cinelli bb shell and lugs , campagnolo dropouts front and rear. hand built in Vancouver BC Canada by Derek Bailey .

custom " turbo " fork crown , Shimano 600 headset

Crankset/Bottom Bracket:
Shimano 600 (172.5mm) crankset , a Shimano sealed BB

Shimano 105 carbon SPD-SL road pedals

53/39 chainrings , 8 speed cassette is a shimano 11 to something ... 8 speed chain ( still had factory lube on it )

shimano 600 8 speed derailleurs and brifters ( pretty sure this is the final version of '600' before it was dubbed Ultegra )

Soma Hwy One bars 26.0mm 38cm , Cinelli A1 quill stem 100mm ( when i bought this bike the previous owner had put a quill to threadless adaptor and a huge riser stem on - I swapped that out right away back to a classic quill and bars I like )

Fabric scoop elite seat , Thomson Elite seatpost ( came with a Ritchey layback post and some kind of flite-ish seat )

Shimano 600

Front Wheel/Hub/Tire:
Matrix Aurora Rim , Shimano tricolor 600 hub 32h , Continental Gatorhardshell 25c tire ( the bike came with old ass Kevlar Rubino 23's tires that feel more like 21's but I love my hardshells and put them on right before I even rode it)

Rear Wheel/Hub/Tire:
Matrix Aurora Rim , Shimano tricolor 600 hub 32h , Continental Gatorhardshell 25c tire

lights , garmin , profile designs water bottle cage

More Info:
so this thing is 30 years old - and brand new .. I mean brand f'n new. there is no dust in the cranks or the BB - the seatpost slid out like it was buttered yesterday - and the 25+ year old shimano drivetrain works really really well - and I haven't even had it tuned up/indexed yet. to find this bike made from the material I wanted - and made by a historic local frame builder from Rocky Mountain bikes is more than amazing. There was one loose spoke on the rear wheel , which needs a little true job - along with ONE tiny paint ding that is the entirety of the damage to the bike. after owning this for a bit I realized that the top tube is slightly slanted down towards the front and the bottom bracket is track height ! all hail columbus steel.

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