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2021 Breezer Inversion Team

I spent most of 2021 working in a bike shop and one day when out on my road bike the mechanic texted me ' your gravel bike is ready " .. the shop put this together for me in the midst of the global bike shortage and I was blown away !! I honestly don't ride it a ton at the moment but having the option is a wonderful thing and I am slowly getting more and more into it ( kind of hard to pick this one when I have a killer road and track bikes to ride but it really does the job on those extra crappy days when it rains or snows ).

Breeer Inversion Team ( 4130 cromo )

Breezer carbon fork/steerer ,

Crankset/Bottom Bracket:
Praxis cranks , shimano bb

xtr platforms

105 R7000 drivetrain ( 11 spd )


3T stem , FSA compact drops

halo carbon post , some take off seat of an argon

TRP mechanical disc brakes - gonna be honest these brakes absolutely suck and as soon as I can change them I will - easily the worst brakes I have ever had on any bike ever and they are a big part of why I don't ride this more .. they are hard to use , the barely work and they absolutely scream no matter the time temperature or how wet it is out.

Front Wheel/Hub/Tire:
WTB wheel with a Rene Herse tire

Rear Wheel/Hub/Tire:
WTB wheel with a Rene Herse tire

got an HMPL bar bag , an apidura frame bag ( i absolutely hare riding with a frame bag but it's an essential on trips ) and an apidura saddle bag for when needed. prety muc hjust run the barbag with tubes and tool the rest is for when it's needed.

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