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Cambio Rino

Vintage 1980s Cambio Rino Professional Racing Bicycle in absolutely beautiful shape. Has Campagnolo stickers but really sports a FULL Cambio Rino drive train. Cambio Rino was an Italian components manufacturer that made very high quality bicycle parts. They are very similar to Campagnolo but on a much smaller production scale, and often lighter and better functioning in most cases than the big C. Cambio Rino licenced Joe Gardin in Missisagua, Ontario, Canada the right to build bicycles under the Rino name for a few years (about 1978-1983). He had Italian skilled craftsmen hand building high quality bicycles in Canada. The brand name later became Gardin Bicycles. This means that this bicycle is a very rare Canadian made bike, assembled with all NOS (new old stock) new very rare Italian components!

Cambio Rino (Made in Canada) really a Gardin


Crankset/Bottom Bracket:





Selle Italia/ Rino

Modolo Speedy

Front Wheel/Hub/Tire:

Rear Wheel/Hub/Tire:

Rino aero waterbottle

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Ianalva says:

Hey this is a beautiful build man. Do you know what type of Columbus tubing the frame is? I recently got a Cambia Rino pista frame and the lugs and tubes look really similar to yours. There's not much information out there on these bikes, you seem to know more than most. Any info on Rino's would be greatly appreciated.

Posted over 7 years ago


mokala says:

hey man! mine had columbus SL tubing. I checked out your bike, looks awesome and very very very rare. There were few gardin track bikes ever made and they made bikes for almost 20 years. Gardin was only making Rino frames from about 1980-1983 and ive never ever seen a Rino track bike before. The story is that Joe Gardin had exclusive rights to distrobution of Cambio Rino Components in Canada and the USA, he asked them if he could build bikes under their name and he made some really high end ones for a year or two. Then he started to cheap out, making some high end bikes but mostly garbage quality bikes with shit low end suntour components. Rino found out and got mad so they stripped him the right to distribute their parts or build bikes with their name. Then he just started making Gardin bikes, typically in better quality.

Posted over 7 years ago