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Cyclops Softride Touring

This bike is very very obscure and may be the only one like this ever made. Cyclops made quite a few of the Softride style bikes in the mid 1990s while they were in BC, infact they were their top sellers, but I am sure very very few Softride style touring bikes were ever produced. The bike is in immaculate condition and has a beautiful yet simple black paint scheme. The bike was custom built for the late Bill (William C. Waldie). I get the sense that Bill was a humble guy, and not very flashy. Cyclops bikes usually have very vibrant, loud, colourful paint jobs and he went with a very simple back. Most Cyclops also have 10-20 of the little all-seeing eye logo peppered all over the bike, but this bike only has two. He must have wanted a really cool bike, but didn't need everyone to know he had a cool bike. According to his best friend: "He appreciated fine things, but never showed off. Former RCMP, horses and motorcycles, retired very early to pursue a more interesting life. Serious comic book collector. Somewhat an intellectual but not any way pompous." I respect Bill, and I may have gone a little flashy with the colourful details on this bike, but I love the way it turned out! This is also the only Cyclops I've ever seen without yellow decals. The frame is Fillet braised and likely made with True Temper 4130 chromoly double butted steel tubing but no tubing sticker is present. The builder (Mike Mulholland) was very passionate about customizing every aspect of the bike to the buyers wants… this often meant he would use a mix of tubing in a bike to make it stiffer in certain areas of the frame, hence the no tubing decal. Has Columbus SLX fork. Has a very cool custom made steel adaptor that bolts to a water bottle cage mount and provides a rear rack mounting point, yet also maintains as another water bottle cage mounting point. Has mounting tabs for racks and fenders front and rear. Plenty more clearance available even with the 700x32c tires on there.

Cyclops Softride Touring

Columbus SLX Cyclops fork, Primax HS

Crankset/Bottom Bracket:
Sachs 5000


Sachs 5000, made by Campagnolo Ergoshift

Sachs bars, adjustable stem

Limited edition dark blue brooks saddle

Sachs 5000 Cantilever

Front Wheel/Hub/Tire:
SunRims CRT16 Grey annodised wheels with Sachs 5000 hubs, NEW Continental Contact Speed 700 x32c tires

Rear Wheel/Hub/Tire:
SunRims CRT16 Grey annodised wheels with Sachs 5000 hubs, NEW Continental Contact Speed 700 x32c tires

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