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Le Croco with Dura Ace 7200 EX

The last bike build of 2020 is a very special one to me! I picked up this Le Croco off of @mylittlebikeshop over 4 years ago now. It has been a bike I have been excited to work on the entire time, but I knew it was a huge project and I just never had time till now. Quite thrilled with how this one turned out. I mixed Dura Ace 7200 and 7300 (for the AX brakes) as this was close to the original component spec on the bike. Some neat details like custom croco bar ends, and the most expensive rubber in the world, $200 NOS Dura Ace AX brake hoods. Lots of little details like paint filling in all the lug windows and cleaning every part meticulously. Some history on the brand: Le Croco was made in Montreal Quebec by Sandy Tvrdik, Bill Fletcher and a group of Czechoslovakian guys who had an interest in racing bicycles. Some of them were machinists at Air Canada. They took their unique name and logo from the legend of the Brno Dragon , a monster that terrorized people who lived along the River Svratka in Brno. It was not actually a dragon, just a big crocodile. They made some serious bikes that were sold out of their shop in Montreal, at High Park Cycles in Toronto and from a shop called BRNO Cycles in Vancouver. These bikes gained a serious reputation for strong, lightweight frames that were capable of racing against the best bikes out of Italy and beating them!

Le Croco

Le croco, Dura Ace 7200 NJS

Crankset/Bottom Bracket:
Dura Ace 7200 with Dyna Drive, Dura Ace 7200 NJS BB

Dura Ace 7200 Dyna Drive


Dura Ace 7200, Suntour top mount shifters


Selle San Marco Concor

Dura Ace 7300 AX

Front Wheel/Hub/Tire:
Wolber Gentleman 81 Super Champion / Dura Ace 7000 Hi Flange, New Michelin Rubber

Rear Wheel/Hub/Tire:
Wolber Gentleman 81 Super Champion / Dura Ace 7000 Hi Flange, New Michelin Rubber

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