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1988 Univega Grantech 6400

When it was made, the Univega GranTech 6400 was the top of the line Univega road bike. The Grantech was built in a time of experimentation in cycling; uniquely, the main triangle is made of aluminum tubes bonded to aluminum lugs (to provide stiffness and light weight), while the stays and fork are made of cromoly steel for a smoother ride. The resulting bike worked fairly well, but was overshadowed by aluminum and carbon bikes. The late 1980s was a time great innovation. Most were good ideas but only some innovations won the popularity contest. Bikes from the era have become interesting representations of a particular point in the evolution of the bicycle. Some of the innovations (despite working well) were evolutionary dead ends; the ones that are left are now becoming rare, different, and interesting .

Aluminum main tubes bonded to aluminum lugs, cromoly bottom bracket shell and cromoly stays

Univega cromoly/Velo Orange

Crankset/Bottom Bracket:
Shimano 105/Velo Orange sealed

Shimano 105 7 speed/14-28/52-39

Shimnao 105/Shimano 105 down tube

SR Sakae Custom/Specialized

Shimano 105

Front Wheel/Hub/Tire:
Wolber GTX clincher/Shimano 105/Bontrager Race Lite

Rear Wheel/Hub/Tire:
Wolber GTX clincher/Shimano 105/Bontrager Race Lite

More Info:
This particular bike was originally equipped with Shimano Ultegra components. The Ultegra components were sold (by the previous owner) and I acquired the bare frame. I had a 1990 Shimano 105 group that had been begging for a frame since I removed it when upgrading another bike. The Shimano 105 group seems a good match for the frame; it resulted in a pleasant bike overall. The unusual frame makes the bike interesting; you rarely (or never) see one.

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dietrootbeer says:

really cool frame - the mix of metals looks incredible

Posted about 6 years ago


OldRoadieTehachapi says:

Thanks, I like the look; nothing else like it.

Posted about 6 years ago


Moose-- says:

I just bought this exact same bike for $130 from a retired bike shop owner! It's the exact same color scheme, but the one I bought has Shimano 600 Ultegra groupo, including the hubs! Was a HUGE come up!. Great looking bike! Check mine out, pics are about to be up!

Posted about 7 years ago


OldRoadieTehachapi says:

That was a great deal! The wheelset alone is worth what you paid for the entire bike.

Posted about 7 years ago