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1970's Eaton's road bike

A budget priced 10 speed that was a close twin to one I owned. This was my brothers bike.

Steel Frame

Steel quillt stem.

Stamped metal design type.

52/42 tooth front chain ring with a 28/14 rear gear cluster.

Stem mounted friction gears shifter on Shimano deraileurs.

Older style center pull brakes.

Front Wheel/Hub/Tire:
27" by 1 1/4" tire on a steel rim

Rear Wheel/Hub/Tire:
27" by 1 1/4" tire on a steel rim.

More Info:
This was the bought to replace the Royce Union 10 speed bike that wore out. This was also my first stolen bike (my fault!, no lock). My had alloy crank arms that had not one but two threads that stripped on the gear side pedal thread point. The bike had a threaded rod as a pedal at the time the was stolen!

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