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1997 CLWB Recumbent "Naboo"

A bike built in 1997 to create a good all around urban commuter bike.

Recycled old frames using old retail shelfing material taken home from a job site.

A fork from a larger sized wheel to mount a 16" front wheel. A brake bridge was welded into the fork to allow a brake to be mounted and fit on the 16" wheel.

Crankset/Bottom Bracket:
A cut of old BB that is welded on to the front of the steering tube. The BB was placed on backwards causing problems with the drive train until one side of the bearing cups was welded into place.

Plastic platform design.

A 48 tooth gear with 152mm crank arms. These use the older cotter pin mounting design. This was needed to allow the brakes to fit. A 6 speed rear cluster 28/ 14 tooth gear unit.

A recycled derauleur from an older bike.

A extended handlebar designed around modified steel stem and bike tubing to extend the length to the current The handle bar is welded on to the top section with no clamping assembly.

A seat designed around 1" by 1" square tubing with mounting points to allow plywood seat panals to be mounted.

Older center pull style brakes since these where the only ones that would fit.

Front Wheel/Hub/Tire:
16" (305mm) wheel.

Rear Wheel/Hub/Tire:
20" (405") drive wheel.

A rear bike rake that blends into the main frame/ vesta lighting system/ cycling computer/ rear red light.

More Info:
This was the my 7th bike and replaced a single speed MWB project that was built just before this won. The bike is based on a Bike-E and some other CLWB designs I have seen. It rides nice and handles well.

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sloman says:

Very cool. Some of you solutions are very smart and your craftmanship is very good. So many homebuilts go so wrong.

Posted about 12 years ago


stevbike says:

Yes I have seen some some very poorly designed home builts. I looked at the the best of the CLWB designs and appled them on to this one. Seeing that it is 15 years old, it is holding up OK.

Posted about 12 years ago