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2001 Runt Bike

A 2001 fun bike

Steel tubing

Front shock

Crankset/Bottom Bracket:
85 mm steel crank arms

Very basic plastic type.

Rear suspension mounted drive train.



Front Wheel/Hub/Tire:
Solid plastic 5.5" tires

Rear Wheel/Hub/Tire:
Solid plastic 5.5" tires

More Info:
A bike that was brought out in 2001. A recall was placed on these but I keep mine. Mine is the original without the brakes that where put into place just before they added them, then stopped production of the fun little guy in the fall of 2001. It holds up to 300 lbs and is just fun to get out and use for the hell of it! As you can tell in the pictures, this thing is tiny! It is a cult bike now and some people are looking for used ones that are for sale. Not this one, at least for now. Top speed at 100 rpm, 2.5 mph!

Added by stevbike. Last updated about 12 years ago.



stevbike says:

This would make a great bike for something like a bike race along the lines "Le Tour DeTurtle".

Posted about 12 years ago


dcondankz68 says:

whoaa.. so cute, so funny mate.. just wanna know.. i see you dont have a brake.. so how can u stop the bike? lemme guess.. u jump off the bike..hahaha

Posted about 12 years ago


stevbike says:

One of the reasons this bike was pulled from the market place was the lack of the braking system. This was one of the early models before the company added a brake and a chain guard. It was to be recalled but I keep mine as a collectors item. As to stopped, the sound of people laughing seeing me ride canstop the bike on a dime LOL. You are moving slower then walking speed anyways. Have not tried going down a steep hill to go really fast!! Not recommended!!

Posted about 12 years ago