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2003 Experimental FWD Road Bike

A homebuilt one off FWD made out of odd parts I had around. This was an experiment to see if this concept would work or not. The basic mock-up did work but it was not finished.

An old mountain bike frame that is modified. The rear lower wheel section has been modified using a front fork to mount the rear tire. Two mounting points on the frame have been added to allow the mounting of pulleys to allow the chain to go to the front drive wheel.

A widened fork to allow the use the drive wheel. A mounting was to be added to allow the deraillier to fit on to one spot but was not done.

Recycled parts

Recycled drive train parts.

Recycled parts

Recycled parts

Front Wheel/Hub/Tire:
559mm mountain bike rim

Rear Wheel/Hub/Tire:
559mm mountain bike rim

More Info:
This build was started but never finished. I just wanted to see if it would work. It did and with more work it would have worked out well. I had too many other bikes to use so it was given away.It was built in 2003, not 2004 as stated before.

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veggie says:

Seems to me like you wouldn't be able to turn

Posted over 12 years ago


stevbike says:

There was some flex to the chain to allow a wide turn. Any tight turning could not be done. I just too many other projects on the go at the time and the bike was put on hold at the stage seen in the pictures. A FWD bike is not a practical design, just a fun project see about doing something different from the norm.

Posted over 12 years ago


max5480 says:

Posted over 12 years ago