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2009 A-bicycle folding bike

A copy of the original A-bike design.

Multi-section foldable bike frame.

Folding pedals

A compact dual drive-train set-up giving the bike a 42 inch gearing.


I changed out the original seat with a far better "real" seat and replaced the seat post.

Band brakes.

Front Wheel/Hub/Tire:
7.5" solid tire

Rear Wheel/Hub/Tire:
7.5" solid tire

Mongoose cycling computer, Bell rear red light, dollar store front light.

More Info:
I bought this bike to see how well it holds up. I like a light weight travelling bike that can be folded into a small package. I have a blog about this bike to give more detailed info about the medium to long term life with this bike. The link to this site is http://homebuiltbikes.blogspot.com/. 11/9/09 I rode this bike in London, Ontario, Canada recording the data from the cycling computer. Ride Time- 36:35 Distance- 8.6 km Average Speed- 14.1 kph (8.7 mph) Max speed reached- 25.1 kph (15.4 mph) Given the fact that this was done on wheels only 7.5" in size, I am getting to like using these types of small wheels bike. I found myself riding in traffic going between 18 kph and 20 kph (11 to 12.3 mph). This will never replace a normal full-sized bike but the folding ability for going places where a full-sized bike can not be taken easily makes this bike a nice second bike to have around.

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strange says:

its not a beauty for sure, but i do like the idea! :-)

Posted about 12 years ago


stevbike says:

After putting 220 km on this bike, it is holding up well. It is doing up to 10 km rides with no problems. It is not fast but I still like the ride.

Posted about 14 years ago


stevbike says:

This a cool little bike. I do not know the life span on it but I hope it last a while.

Posted over 14 years ago


Coomer says:

Nice! That definitely looks useful!

Posted over 14 years ago