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2000 Tad Pole Recumbent Trike

This was my second try at building a trike design. It was far better then the first attempt at this design type.

1 3/4" main steel beam with two 1 3/4" steel front steering fork mounting points.

Modified BMX forks with

Mountain Bike triple 48/ 38/ 28 front drive gear and a 6 sped rear drive cluster.

Recycled thumb shifters to be used but where never installed.

Two stems mounted on the modified steering points. A tie rod connected the two front forks together with lawn mower tie rod ends.

A custom built steel framed seat that used a plywood base to support the rider.

Two front mounted side pull brakes to be used the BMX forks but never where installed.

Front Wheel/Hub/Tire:
20" by 1.75"

Rear Wheel/Hub/Tire:
26" by 1.95"

More Info:
This was originaly built as a job for someone but somehow I failed get in contact with the person after starting the bike. It was built into a roughed up mockup state without installing the details like brakes or shifters. It was in running condition for short test runs to see how well it ran before trying to do finish work on it. It was sold after a year of sitting around with no word from the original owner that had asked for it. It was a very nice running machine.

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