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1996 Short Wheel Base Recumbent

This is the second recumbent I built. It uses a part off my first bike I had as a child.

A mix of road bike and BMX bike frames. The backseat support is the old banana seat support bar from my first bike when I was 8 years old.

A 16" wheel BMX fork. Head set is just a kids BMX set used with the fork.

Crankset/Bottom Bracket:
This is off of an road bike.

Plastic cheap pedals.

48/38/28 mountain bike set 170 mm lenghth arms. A 52/ 42 chain ring is shown in this early picture showing the bike in 1996.

Modified steel wedge style stem with seat post extension and old 1960 style cruiser type handlebar.

The seat is combined with the bike frame and plywood is used as a base to place seat foam padding.

Old steel side pull brakes.

Front Wheel/Hub/Tire:
A 16'' alloy custom built wheel replaces the steel wheel seen in this picture.

Rear Wheel/Hub/Tire:
A 700c rear tire assembly.

A rear mounted red light and two front lights, one a LED style type, the other a older style bulb light.

More Info:
I built this bike in the spring of 1996. I liked the SWB (short wheel base) design of recumbent but could not afford to buy one. This bike is one of many different recumbent bike styles I have made to see how they work. I added a rear bag rack on the bike this last week of 05/27/10. I now can carry stuff on it with worrying about hand-holding items.

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strange says:

i am a fan already.

Posted almost 12 years ago


roadracer says:

thats something you would see in the A-Team!

Posted over 13 years ago


hubnride says:

freakkin rad!

Posted almost 14 years ago


sloman says:

great build.

Posted almost 14 years ago


stevbike says:

A early picture of the bike after changing the drive train set-up.

Posted over 14 years ago


stevbike says:

Welding jig set-up.

Posted over 14 years ago


stevbike says:

Early design layout of cut-up bike parts. The original set-up used.

Posted over 14 years ago