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2000/ 2001 Trike

Another recumbent trike using an old adult up-right trike as a base for the design.

The rear section of the frame is from a old adult bike frame that was found by a diver friend of mine. The rear section was cut out and added into this redesign.

A 20" fork.

18 speed mountain bike set-up. I had to build an adaptor so that the rear free wheel could be mounted on the old trike section.

A under seat steering system using a linkage steering bar to that attachs the handle bar and fork together.

The original brake was a side pull type but a V-brake was put into place on the final finished design.

Front Wheel/Hub/Tire:
20" by 1.75"

Rear Wheel/Hub/Tire:
24" by 1.75"

Rear rack

More Info:
This project got delayed about 5 months from the fall of 2000 to 2001. After delivering the bike, I lost contact with the people so I do not know how it was used.

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