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1970 Lüders track. *sold*

Kalle Lüders (with an Umlaut) is considered to be one of the two top German framebuilders of the 1970's era, the other being Rickert, who is a bit better known. Lüders had his shop in Berlin Charlottenburg, Germany and built frames for a number of top german riders. Especially his track bikes have a very high reputation. One of Lüders famous quotes is "Racers never use light frames, only light bikes". Among the riders who used Lüders frames -often in sponsor disguise- are olympic and world champions Gregor Braun and Günther Haritz (who still is said to own a Colnago-labelled Lüders), also sixday ace Sigi Renz rode one and seems to still own it. The shop existed roughly between 1966 and the early eighties. . In the early 70's a trademark of the Luders frames is the jumping horse, engraved on the seatstays and on the headbadge on white background. Another trademark is the wide chain- and seat stays, and classic round fork blades with a flat fork crown. Which can be seen on this trackframe. After i spoke with a fellow collector from Germany, he told me based on the framenumer this is the 35th frame Lüders made. Framenumber 1170035 11 standing for november 70 for 1970 035 for the 35th frame. . The frame is in excellent condition, with no dents or cracks. Paint is what i think, original. . 53cm center center 54,5cm center top 54,5cm top tube

Reynolds 531

Reynolds 531 / Campagnolo pista

Crankset/Bottom Bracket:
/ Campagnolo pista

27mm diameter

More Info:
Framenumber: 117035 . . *sold*

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Thor says:

Just a hint: Gregor Braun won his Olympic medals on Kalkühler, not on Lüders. ;-)
Actully there is a rumour that G. Braun never had a Lüders.

Posted over 1 year ago


Thor says:

Do you know why Lüders frames are simply great? Cause they are.

Posted over 3 years ago


kobe says:

Yes :)

Posted over 3 years ago