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1970's Lyjack track (sold)

Lyjack was a brand of Blois whose name was composed of two names of the girls of the owner, Lyliane and Jacqueline. The plaque represents the blazon of the city of Blois. A testimonial of a surfer on the Tonton bike website gives further information: "These bikes were made in Blois by Eugène Brossard (whom they all called Gégène). A former cyclist, I think he had taken over from his father who sold branded bikes (which he did not ride himself). His studio was Rue des Juifs and the sales shop, owned by his wife, rue Basse (there, I see the location very well but am not very sure of the name of the street). The name of the brand was composed with the beginning of the first names of his two daughters: Lyliane and Jacqueline. Today, his grandson Philippe Denavailles is still building bikes under the Philippe brand I think his shop and his factory (rather large workshop) are located Boulevard de l'Industrie, in Blois ... after the retirement (or death) of Gégène, the brand and the business were bought by Jean-Claude Dezé who maintained this brand for a few years before using his own name and then retiring. " . . Courtesy of this info can be found on encycloduvelo.fr/lyjack . . 55cm center center 56,5cm center top 56cm top tube

Reynolds 531

Reynolds 531 / Gipiemme

Crankset/Bottom Bracket:
Specaliates T.A. / Specaliates T.A.

Gipiemme sprint

46-15 / 15T / TA 46T / Sedis

ITM 36cm / Mavic 100mm

San Marco suede / Unknown brand 26,4mm

Front Wheel/Hub/Tire:
Martano / Shimano / Gommitalia

Rear Wheel/Hub/Tire:
Mavic / Magneet / Gommitalia

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50voltphantom says:

What a beauty.

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kobe says:

Thank you very much :)

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