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1972 Gilardi Brooklyn Gios RdV pista.

Catch of the year !! A few weeks ago I received an email coming from Belgium, asking if I know what trackbike this is and if I have any interest. After seeing the photos, a gut feeling quickly came up, partly because of the lugs at the seatstay and headtube. So I thought it looks like a Gios but it's just not it, listening to my gut feeling. After we had agreed a price and after some contact with the seller, I decided to pick up the bike in Brussels. As I do with all my finds, I enjoy the train with my bicyclebag and a sandwich enjoying the scenery along the way. Arrived in Brussels by the seller, and took the relevant trackbike. My abdomen feeling gets stronger and stronger. As I often suspect something is not what it seems. Frame was clearly repainted and when I saw an Italian bottom bracket I thought I might have a track bike in a wrong jacket again. After I picked up the bike and came home the homework started, through the years I have had an x ​​number of track bikes in my hands. And how sad I find it often are the most beautiful and often the team frames repainted. It is a pity, but on the other hand if this bike was original then the seller never sold it! I called the seller yesterday and told him my discovery and tomorrow a bottle of wine will go to Brussels. I also get a lot of questions about track bikes what it is and what it's worth, and I will always answer on this subject as long as I can, with the knowledge that I have taught myself about track bikes. It was also funny when I asked who would have made the frame. No reaction emerged from it. Everything happens with a reason. And after searching for hours on the net about, for example, the lugs, the saddle sling, or the drop on the fork crown, a blog suddenly popped in front of me from an American. This gentleman is busy finding out the Brookyln GIOS team bikes. Which first went over the street and the track as Dreher cycling. When Perfetti, the owner of Brooklyn Chewing Gum, founded the Brooklyn Team, he bought the complete Dreher Team and his mechanic, Lupo Mascheroni, who was in contact with Gilardi, a frame builder from Milan. There were also some bicycles with the drivers and the mechanics. Yours is one of them. So in 1973, while we were making frames for the Brooklyn team, we took the other bikes and painted them, because we did not have time to provide the complete team with bikes, which is nice Kobe, is that the seat post bolt typically something that Roger used. You have found the old track bike from Roger de Vlaeminck Kobe! "says Marco Gios" Thanks for the nice talk Marco Gios . Gilardi was just a man, not a brand. There are many frames from well-known brands made by other frame builders. For example, Alberto Masi also made frames for the Dreher team. The nice thing about this frame is that my father is still alive and he told me the story. After I spoke to Marco I could do my homework and search, and yes I have found the photo of Roger and the bike. For those who like it, zoom in on the seatlugs or the forkcrown teardrop In short, this is an old track bike from Roger de Vlaeminck from the Dreher era and later used as Brooklyn GIOS during, among other things, during the 6-day Ghent in 1976. Parts almost completely original, with very nice Martano rims rims. . 58cm center center 59,5cm center top 56cm top tube


Columbus / Campagnolo nr pista

Crankset/Bottom Bracket:
Campagnolo nr pista / Campagnolo nr pista

Campagnolo sr pista

52-15 / Campagnolo 15T / Campagnolo 52T / Wipperman

3ttt / 3ttt 120mm

Donsa / Campagnolo nr 27mm

Front Wheel/Hub/Tire:
Martano / Campagnolo nr pista / A.Dugast 22mm

Rear Wheel/Hub/Tire:
Martano / Campagnolo nr pista / Vittoria pista

More Info:
To be continued....

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You're a lucky man.

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Thanks Thor.

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Amazing! Beatiful bike and thanks for sharing the story with us here

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Thanks Frank ;)

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