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1980's VanEenooghe trackframe (sold)

Picked up this Cycles VanEenooghe trackfram e. Luc and Diel VanEenooghe make steel bicycle frames in the Ruiseleedse family business from Belgium. Bicycle Frames VanEenooghe is a concept in the same name. For the first time since the company was founded half a century ago, the family took part in a scholarship. There is therefore a striking growing demand for steel bicycle frames, despite the success of aluminium and carbon fibre for race bikes. . ' Actually, the basis for the family business was laid by my grandfather, Adiel Volkan ', explains Luc Vereenooghe of the booth he founded with his son at the fair in Kortrijk Xpo. ' My grandfather had been a professional rider and after his career he opened a bike shop in the Bruges-Street Café de Slugfest, near where we now have our workshop. My father Etienne and my Uncle Guido then founded the company in 1960 which makes bicycle frames. I took over the case in 1987 and in the meantime my son Diel, as a third generation, is working in the company. ' VanEenooghe still makes handmade steel bicycle frames. ' We use a special steel alloy and supply our frames to bicycle manufacturers. In his glorious years Eddy Merckx still drove on a bike of which we had made the framework ', knows Luc. 57cm center center 58,5cm center top 57cm top tube

Reynolds 531

Reynolds 531

Crankset/Bottom Bracket:
Shimano BSA 1,37x24tpi


More Info:
Campagnolo drop outs. Framenumber 22 250 Euro dm for info *sold*

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