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1970's Pogliaghi pista #8.

Sante Pogliaghi and his trackbikes could also be compared to a rare wine, with the subtle differences but none too loud. A simple formula excecuted beautifully. A story of a region which each sip :) Pogliaghi was an Italian racing bicycle manufacturer, based in Milan, Italy. The company was founded by Sante Pogliaghi in 1947. Pogliaghi did much of the work, but had up to six staff by the late 1970s, when production increased from 300 frames a year to 800. Cyclists such as Patrick Sercu and Eddy Merckx used Pogliaghi frames. Sante Pogliaghi's speciality was tandem, stayer and track bicycles. Sante Pogliaghi passed away in 2000. may he rest in paradise. Pogliaghi sold or transferred rights to build bicycles under his name in the 1983-84. The difference between a Pogliaghi made under his direct supervision and one that may not be is the *PSM* stamp on the seat-lug, and a chronologically-sequential serial number on the seat-lug or the head-lug. . This serial number sequence appears to date all the way back to when Pogliaghi's uncle Brambilla owned the shop, where Sante Pogliaghi worked for him. Pogliaghi continued the serial number sequence when he took over in the late 1940s. Pogliaghi is on record stating he would retire by 1980, when he was interviewed for the book "The Custom Bicycle" but he officially closed his workshop on 1983. The PSM stamp and the serial numbers disappeared after the marque transfer. Marc Rossin supposedly took over rights to the marque first, and a number of Pogliaghis appeared with Rossin-style pantographing. And by the late 1980s rights to the name had passed to the Basso brothers. . I found this frameset togther with a couple others in a old velodrome. Notice the incomplete Cinelli steel headset. Topnut is Campagnolo. Paintjob seems to be original. Based on the framenumber D89. I think this frameset is from early 1970-1972. . 58cm center center 59cm center top 56,5cm top tube

Columbus SL

Coumbus SL / Cinelli steel , Campagnolo topnut.

Crankset/Bottom Bracket:
Campagnolo nuovo record pista / Campagnolo nuovo record pista 36x24F

Campagnolo nuovo record pista

52-16 / Campagnolo 16T / Campagnolo 52T / Wippermann

Cinelli 67-39 pista / Cinelli 2a pista 120mm

Turbo / Campagnolo nuovo record 27mm

Front Wheel/Hub/Tire:
Nisi / Campagnolo nuovo record pista / Clement

Rear Wheel/Hub/Tire:
Nisi / Campagnolo nuovo record pista / Clement

More Info:
Original paint Reproduction decals. Finished.

Bike History

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  1. Initial
  2. Stage 2.

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