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1963-1965 Cinelli SC pista #3.

A Cinelli mod Sc pista frame, that one frame that i hoped to find. A frame which i actually thought i would not find but then i recieved an email! If i would be interested in a grey Cinelli sc pista frame Offcourse i am ;) After talking for a couple of hours we agreed on a price and the deal was done. . . Cino Cinelli was born in Montespertoli (near Florence), Italy, 9 February 1916, he passed away on the 20th of April 2001. Cinelli family: Poor farming family from the province of Florence. 10 children total (born in less than 20 years) 7 boys and 3 girls. The second Arrigo (b. 1913), third Giotto (b. 1915) and fourth Cino (b. 1916) sons were active in cycling. Arrigo raced as an independent pro (1936-38); Giotto raced as a team pro for Maino (1936) and Bianchi (1937) and independent pro until 1940. Cino raced as independent pro (1937), and team pro for Fréjus (1938-39), Bianchi (1940-43), and Benotto (1944). . . . . Dating a Cinelli frameset is a bit hard, since they never used a data base with framenumbers. In the early 1950's untill the 1960s the Cinelli frames had the Maluguti lugs. The transition years was in around 1959-1960 when the Malaguti "wolf's ears" head tube lugs disappear on Mod. S.C. and Mod. B. and Cinelli head tube lugs are used. In 1960 the model SC is referred to as "Super Corsa" in 1960 Ron Kitching catalog. In the mid 1960's frames are no longer supplied with chrome Cinelli "Supercorsa" headset and chrome Cinelli bottom bracket (track bike supplied with clip-style headset). Then later in 1968-69 three holes in the tops of lugs start to appear on some frames. . . Looking at the info i have found on the velo- retro website, i think i can say that. This frames dates back to the early to mid 1960's. Having the Cinelli lugs without the 3point lugs, Georg Fischer bb shell and the clip style headset. . . Courtesy of the found info can be found on: http://www.velo-retro.com/cinellitline . . This frame was used by Alan Hood from the New Zealand national team in the 1960's. Have a look at the last photos i added, which i got from the previous owner ;) Thanks again D. . . 57cm center center 58cm center top 57cm top tube

Columbus SL

Columbus SL / Campagnolo nr pista clip style

Crankset/Bottom Bracket:
Campagnolo nr pista / Campagnolo nr pista

Campagnolo nr pista

50-14 / C14T / C50T / Wippermann

Cinelli no14 / Cinelli no2

Cinelli unicator / Campagnolo nr 26.2mm

Front Wheel/Hub/Tire:
Mavic / Campagnolo nr pista / A.Dugast

Rear Wheel/Hub/Tire:
Mavic / Campagnolo nr pista / A.Dugast

More Info:
Framenumber: 1875 Finished

Bike History

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impressive man. nothing speaks louder than passion. ever considered slapping some fresh paint on it?

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Thank you man :)
I will keep it original offcourse ;)

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kobe says:

Thank you man :)

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