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1993 Herman Braun pursuit track. (sold)

Herman Braun started his business in 1983. . Herman built his own bicycles since 1983 under the brand name Herman BRAUN, formerly located at the Elementenweg in Spijkenisse, Holland. Herman is very well introduced in the cycling world. As an aspirant he started at PRC Delta in 1969, then he cycled to 1972 as a novice. In 1972, as a 16-year-old, he started as a mechanic for the famous cycling team of Kees Pellers in the tour of Spain. He was also involved in the military cycling team for 3 years, culminating in the world championships in Italy. In 1977, Herman moved to the Gazelle cycling team, which drove upcoming talents such as Jean Paul van Poppel and Eric Breukink. At the end of 1985, Herman stopped as a mechanic to be able to focus entirely on his own company and to continue growing. From 18 September 2010, Braun Cycling is based at the Theemsweg 13 in Spijkenisse. In the state-of-the-art workshop Herman has received an excellent partner in his son Dave. Dave is developing rapidly as a very skilled frame builder. The passion and inspiration of son Dave continually invests in new machines to design and build high-tech bicycle frames. Now, however, an even lighter and stronger material especially lightweight steel and titanium. Meanwhile they have the most modern frame construction factory in the Netherlands. Where competition is now building everything in low-wage countries, they adhere to the Dutch artisanal quality, service and guarantee. As a result, everything is handmade and the wishes of the customer are central. Together they form a close team that has returned many cyclists to the cycling pleasure. The pleasure that Herman and Dave radiate when building frames is reflected in the top quality of their products. . This frame was custom made for a Dutch pro i bought this frame from him after he told me that he had to quit cycling because of a illness. . 61cm center center 62,5cm center top 58cm center

Columbus EL oversized

Columbus EL 650c / Campagnolo Chorus

Crankset/Bottom Bracket:
Campagnolo C record 170 P / Campagnolo C record


53-15 / Campa 15T / Campa 53T / Wippermann red star

Cinelli LA 84 / Cinelli 1R

San Marco Ferrari / Campagnolo Chorus aero 27.2mm

Front Wheel/Hub/Tire:
Campagnolo Ghibli 650c / Vittoria corsa cx

Rear Wheel/Hub/Tire:
Campagnolo Ghibli 700c / Vittoria corsa cx

lucky charm under the saddle

More Info:
Maybe i will replace the headset and seatpost in the future for C record. Custom made for a Dutch pro 1 of 1 Info about Herman Braun can be found here https://www.herman-braun.nl/nl *sold*

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