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1970's Visser track ( sold )

Old bike from Jan Breur. Jan Breur (Schiedam, 23 dec(first photo) september 1951-Vlaardingen, 22 november 2010) was a Dutch road and track cyclist, who was a pro between 1974 and 1980.. Jan Breur was a specialist in the "stayer" discipline. He became third at the Dutch championship twice and once on the World Championship. That was in 1975 behind the German Dieter Kemper and the Dutchman Cees Stam. Teun Visser was a bicycle maker whose shop was located on Hofdijk in Rotterdam the Netherlands. He later moved to oostplein 49, also in Rotterdam. Before he began his shop he was a mechanic at the legendary Televizier cycling team by Kees Pellenaars. Teun Visser built his frames not by his own but allegedly by White Ko. Most enigmatic Dutch frame builder Witte Ko,he seems to have made allot of fantastic frames that others sold under its own name. Via an article we found out that he is name is actually Jacobus de Jong from the infamous Jordaan area in Amsterdam the Netherlands. Like great brand from the Jordaan in that time is RIH Amsterdam. Which now moved on in the north-side of Amsterdam. A well known rider who rode with Teun Visser was rotterdammer Willem (Wim) Koopman. He was in the late 1960s (tandem) one of the best riders in that discipline. * see last photo * The shop is closed in these days and also there is not much to be founf about Teun Visser. Too bad because we would to know more about him. 56 Center Center 57,5 Center Top 56 Top Tube.

Columbus SL

Columbus SL / F.T. Bologna

Crankset/Bottom Bracket:
/ Campagnolo pista

Cinelli Criterium 65-40 / 3TTT 80mm

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Bike History

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  2. Stage 2.

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Vintage-Trackie says:

I sure would like to know where the bike is today as I have his orange silk jersey from when he rode this bike to go with it. I would like to display both together. Amazing bike Kobe!!

Posted about 1 year ago


pearleen says:

what is there to be said ? steel is real ? something along those lines !

Posted over 7 years ago


ghostridethewhip says:


Posted over 7 years ago