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1970's Bernard Carre track. (sold)

"Bernard Carre was a legendary frame-builder, based in the town of Montreuil just on the eastern side of the Paris peripherique - the Paris inner ring-road." "Although his work is very well known, and he was a prolific builder - what I call a two-a-day man. - as he seemed to have the ability to make frames quickly and to a well tried and tested recipe, as much of his production was destined for use by the leading French Pro riders, and it is known that he built most of Anquetil's frames in the 50s, as well as Geminiani's, Anglade's, to name but a few." "His trade frames were workmanlike and designed and built to do a job of work, they rode well...but his personal custom frames are rarer and show more attention to detail and finish." "He left his trade mark - his name stamped into the top-eyes - on many of his frames, but he never seemed to have down-tube transfers." "Carre seemed to have a long working career; some say he was building in the 40s, and it appears he was still building in the late 80s even..." . 51cm center center 52,5cm center top 53cm top tube

Reynolds 531

Reynolds 531 / Shimano

Crankset/Bottom Bracket:
/ Stronglight


More Info:
200 Euro Dm for info (sold)

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