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1982 Gazelle mondial track #2. (sold)

Found another Gazelle repainted in a new jacket When William Kolling, postmaster in Dieren Holland, in 1892 decided to go in the bike trade, everyone thought he was crazy. But he saw as one of the first possibilities of this new means of transport. He started very carefully and ordered in England exactly one bicycle. Due to the strong growth in trade, he started working soon with blacksmith Rudolf Arentsen. The men named Gazelle used for the first time in 1902. In the summer of that year they saw Willem Kolling namely during a walk through the woods around Dieren and Soeren suddenly cross a " reebok ". The speed and grace with which the animal was from the feet, brought him the idea to use the name Gazelle, one of the fastest antelope species, for his bicycle. Gazelle then grown in 120 years, a small two-man business into a leading international company. Three bicycles sold in 1892 to the largest bicycle brand in the Netherlands with a production of 275,000 bikes annually. The number of bicycles sold is always increased more in recent years. For the first million bicycles was required 62 years. The second million followed 12 years later in 1966. Willem Kolling showed good name to have chosen because then the turn came and Gazelle really found the momentum. The century in 1992 coincided with the production of the eight millionth bicycle. Moreover, Princess Margriet granted the title "Royal" Gazelle in honor of the 100th anniversary. An award that our moral obligation to keep innovating. stay ahead with smart inventions that make cycling more fun or easier. By that time were delivered every 3 to 4 years a million bicycles. This resulted on April 7, 1999 to a peak in the existence of Gazelle. On that day, explained Prince Willem Alexander namely the finishing touches to the 10 millionth Gazelle. Gazelle went on and on October 31, 2005 the 12 millionth Gazelle drove out of the factory. Minister Karla Peijs of Transport helped on this day personally join the Gazelle Easy Glider: the first Gazelle with electronic pedal assistance. In 2008, the 13 millionth Gazelle was produced and even the 14 millionth bike in December 2012. The 14 millionth Gazelle was assembled by Princess Margriet. Fasting cobblers as we are, we just continue creating safe, comfortable, durable and beautiful bikes. 57 CC 59 CT 56,5 TT

Reynolds 531

Reynolds 531 / Shimano 105

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